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Balloons at the Door

I’ve had a blog since 2006. That’s a really long time (12 years, actually. I started it weeks before my first son was born!). With all those posts and all that content stuck to a site with my name on it, you’d think starting this new blog would be no biggie. But how do you start? What should you say to welcome people to a place that you hope they’ll return to?

Untitled design

My vision for this blog is that it will be a place where we look for truth and beauty. Where we discover the truth of God as revealed in His Word. Where we learn to preach the Gospel (truth and beauty both!) to ourselves. Where we dive into stories, and find the truth and beauty hidden in their words. Where we find the truth He is stamping on our lives and the beauty He is pouring out over us and we trace it back to its Source, like following a shaft of sunlight back to the sun.*

A place where we hold truth and beauty up to the light and watch the rainbows dance on the floor.

If I were a new neighborhood coffee shop, I think I’d put some balloons on the door and fresh flowers on the tables, and then go on about the business of making good coffee. So welcome! Enjoy the balloons. Your coffee is on me.



*I wish I could take credit for that analogy, but it came from Tim Keller, who says we should always trace the gifts of God back to the source.

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