The Bluebird

Heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in thin places, that distance is even smaller. –Celtic saying

In Inverness, Scotland, on the banks of the gray River Ness, is an old stone house: the Bluebird. Converted into a bed and breakfast by its owners, the Bluebird welcomes people from all over the world. It’s lovely enough in its own right. But it is also a thin place, a sacred, holy place where heaven comes near earth and God moves in people’s lives.

Most people’s lives, anyway.

Meet Paige, the co-owner of the Bluebird. She delights in cooking for the guests, hosting them, listening to their stories. She has seen miracles at the Bluebird, time and again.

When a new group of guests arrive, their stories are uncovered and their lives transformed. And when the Bluebird is threatened, everything is changed. Will Paige alone remain the same?