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Unprecedented, A Christmas Poem for 2020

This year that is Unprecedented—it has happened before.

Disaster took a different form, maybe, but

Plagues, storms, oppression, injustice—

There is nothing new under the sun.

There is comfort in knowing humanity before us has

Also struggled and sorrowed.

This year we took our place among our kindred

Who have endured terrible things.

The world has been weary since that first bite of forbidden fruit.

Sin is heavy and it fills our pockets with guilt

And a thousand other burdens.

The world is weary. We all feel it.

It is all very Precedented. 

But there was one night, 

One cold, clear night

When the Unprecedented really happened.

When the Son of God took off His crown

And came to us, to this weary world.

That Unprecedented night, the angels sang,

Because although we didn’t feel it yet

The weary world began to rejoice.

And it rejoices still.

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