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On the Bookshelf – December, 2019

Ah, December. The month of festivities and illness. For us, anyway. We went down hard with the flu, missing Christmas with family and our planned trip to Florida, but giving me plenty of time to read. Turns out I read more books in December than any other month of 2019–eleven in all. And most of them were really good! Here were some of the best.

A Beginner’s Guide to Free Fall, by Andy Abramowitz. This was on sale on Kindle, so I gave it a try. And I’m glad I did! It is a family and sibling story–a brother and sister who are both dealing with pretty major life events over the course of one summer: a roller coaster accident and potential job loss, a marriage in distress, a journalist who is forced to confront some hard stuff from her past, etc. I thought it sounded a little light and fluffy, but it wasn’t. It was funny, poignant, and sweet. A lot of mother/daughter relationships, husband/wife stuff–just a lot of good stuff. The dialogue was pitch-perfect (so hard to do as a writer!) and the characters deep. Give this one a try. NOTE: There is some bad language in here. You have been warned.

None Like Him, by Jen Wilkin. This was my third time reading this book in three years. Everything Jen Wilkin writes is helpful, encouraging, convicting, and full of depth, but this is my favorite. This book is about the ten ways God is different from us, and why that’s a good thing. It encourages us to rest in the bigness of who God is and trust Him. He has all power, is everywhere at once, and can do anything He wants–and because He is good and loves us, all of this is for our good. But the book doesn’t stop there. Wilkin makes it very practical by showing how we tend to try to be “like God” in ways we shouldn’t, and how that leads us into foolishness, sin, or trouble. Life-changing book right here.

Hope your December was healthier than ours, and that you too had some time to slow down and read!

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