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On the Bookshelf – October, 2019

Thanks to an amazing fifteenth anniversary trip that involved many, many hours in various airports, I read so much in October. And the month’s not even over.

We spent a week on Prince Edward Island–a life-long dream–and it was lovely. Off-season, not at all crowded, glorious fall weather, slow mornings and many walks on the beach and in the woods. Because I am a book nerd, I did put some thought into what book to read while I was there. Reread Anne of Green Gables? Or another of the Anne books? Or maybe Pat of Silverbush? In the end, I decided to take a chance and read Marilla of Green Gables by Sarah McCoy, and it did not disappoint.

Marilla’s room in Green Gables

Last year, one of the best novels I read was Caroline by Sarah Miller. It was a re-telling of the first two Little House books, but from Caroline’s perspective. Marilla reminded me of that. Though not a re-telling, it was a good book that gave back story. It fleshed out Marilla’s character. I totally believed the back story. It makes sense, considering who she is in the Anne series. I loved the nods to L. M. Montgomery’s childhood (for example, Marilla’s parents have the same names as Montgomery’s parents did). And I loved Marilla and Rachel’s girlhood friendship. It was a great book, and so special to read it on P.E.I.

Another excellent book I read in October was When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin. It was my second Charles Martin book, and I think I liked it better than Long Way Gone. Both were so good. I read it with no idea what it was about (didn’t even read the back cover copy, just for fun). It was surprising and sad and redemptive and fascinating, and every bit of it was enjoyable.

And finally, I loved Stones for Bread by Christa Parrish. It was a delightful mix of story, the history of bread (WAY more interesting than you’d think!), and a few recipes. I loved the characters and the way the story unfolded (past/present/history/past/present/etc). This one is on sale on Kindle right now for $2. Snatch it up!

As I’m in the process of looking for an agent for my novel (eek!), I’ve been reading through a list of Christy award winners and Christianity Today fiction award winners. It’s been so fun–and I have very much enjoyed most of them. Long Way Gone and Stones for Bread were both on those lists.

Green Gables

Have you read any of these? Anything good on your bookshelf?

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