Book Review – Simple Secrets to a Happy Life

When I started in on Luci Swindoll’s book Simple Secrets to a Happy Life, I admit my hopes were not high. It sounded very simplistic and “don’t worry be happy.” I hadn’t read any of her other books, and really didn’t know to expect any different. My first clue that Luci Swindoll is pretty amazing came in the forward by Anne Lamott. She mentioned Swindoll’s intelligence, grace, incredible life experiences, faith, and friendliness. As I dug into the book a little deeper, I realized that the title was accurate. Swindoll’s secrets to a happy life were simple. But happily, they were not simplistic.

The book is divided into small chapters with topics ranging from not being late to journaling to being grateful to helping others. Sprinkling personal stories, anecdotes, humor, and poignancy into the pages, Luci Swindoll gives the reader her eighty years’ worth of valuable life lessons. It feels like sitting at her supper table and listening to her talk–you realize she has a lot of wisdom to share and you’d better take note.

One of the things that stood out most to me in this book was how very often Luci Swindoll pointed back to her mother as the teacher of these life lessons. Her mother was, apparently, a very cheerful, wise, and kind mother. Seems like Luci became a cheerful, wise, and kind woman as a result.

This book was an easy read, comforting in its gentle admonitions, and full of hard-gotten wisdom of a life well lived. I recommend it.

Note: The link above is an Amazon affiliate link.

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